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    Aykira is one of the more experienced technology and digital consultancies in the greater Sydney region. We are based in The Hills District of Sydney. Aykira offers services to the Hills District, Castle Hill, Dural, Hornsby, Norwest & Macquarie Park business parks and into Sydney CBD.

    Aykira specialises in providing services from simple websites up to building fully integrated custom business solutions to assist companies of all sizes (start-ups, small businesses to large corporations and multinationals) to improve technical efficiencies and business processes. Why not let us assist you with your up and coming project. Make your online business become exceptional!

    Talk with us today and find out what kind of solutions we could build for your business online. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation with Aykira either fill in our contact form or call (02) 8407 8060 today.

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    Aykira provides a one stop service offering:

  • Software Architecture Consultancy

    The architecture of your systems has a profound impact on your business. Correctly designed and implemented they can be a driver for growth. Done incorrectly they can hold you back and frustrate your ability to succeed.

    Aykira has many years experience dealing with large computer systems in the E-Commerce and Online spaces. We are able to help businesses improve their systems to realise increased profits and improved efficiency. We often work with management and business boards to define technology strategies and work out how best to approach the work that often needs to be done.

    We have a particular focus on improving workflow efficiencies and freeing up people caught in processes that should be automated. We also work with you to ‘free’ your business information so that you can make more informed decisions.

    If you are interested in having a chat with us to see what we could do for you – please get in touch today.

  • Systems Architecture Consultancy Services
  • Website Development & Website Design

    Your business website is your virtual shop front; an online representation of your business. Potential clients who visit your site must have a first rate experience ensuring such visitors convert to sales.  Aykira has many years corporate internet and web based experience with an expert team able to provide first class, custom built website design & development services; that attract traffic.

    We ensure your online business presence makes a positive impact. Our websites are unique and built specifically to each client, ensuring your company’s ethics, core values and culture are accurately reflected and relevant to your target market.

  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO Agency Services

    The benefits of our expert SEO / SEM services include:

    • Being found first in search results across Sydney, NSW or Australia;
    • Gain a clear online advantage over your competitors;
    • Attaining the highest rate of “the right sort of traffic” to your website;
    • Offering the perception as an industry leader;
    • Attracting quality sales leads;
    • Increasing revenue and enhancing profitability.

    Unlike most SEO Agencies in Sydney, we have in depth technical knowledge to allow us to provide a degree of sophistication not available elsewhere; we can literally tune all aspects of your website to maximise SEO benefits.

    Our cost effective SEO & SEM services work together to get your company the website traffic required to succeed online.

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